Nerchr CMAX Maximum Support

A high-potency formula that soothes, protects, hydrates, and supports natural healing, helping your skin return to its optimal state.

Cmax provides specialised care to promote skin health and comfort for individuals dealing with eczema, psoriasis, wounds, or post-treatment sensitivities.

  • High potency DHAA - Vitamin C
  • Up to 12x more absorbent than regular vitamin C

Essential skin protection when you need it most

Nerchr CMax High-Dose Vitamin C-DHAA Skin Serum isn't just another skincare product.

It's a carefully developed solution for those needing a higher level of care for their skin, especially to support a range of skin conditions or medical treatments.

The strength of CMax lies in its potent vitamin C-DHAA content, known for boosting skin's natural healing process, making it a truly unique and superior product in the market.